Our designs are the culmination of a body of research, experimentation and thorough investigation. The output of our explorations is a body of work that rewards our client's values and furthers their product missions.



Key focuses


• Product & brand Research 

We believe understanding the product landscape is the critical foundation needed before starting design. Building product audits, brand analysis and trend forecasts insures that our design ideas will advance your product goals.


We will explore and create design solutions the match our client's needs. Every project is different, but generally we start with a wide field of ideas and then work to narrow the focus, editing and refining our ideas.

• Mock-ups and Prototypes

Our designs often need validation with physical models (especially soft goods). We believe model making a critical design tool to help create and communicate and test new designs. 

• SOFT GOODS development support

With years of experience of over seas sourcing  and manufacturing, we continue to provide support during the development process aiding in sample feedback.