One of the most popular beekeeping formats in the world, the Langstroth hive is a modular series of stacking wooden boxes. Each box houses a series of hanging frames upon which the bees build their honeycomb. While this is an excellent system, there are a number of drawbacks including the stability of the hive, durability of materials and ease of use.  

This new hive builds on the strengths of the Langstroth hive, but incorporates new features like boxes that lock together and frames with handles on all sides.

Hive has interlocking hive boxes to make a stable structure. Each piece is made of self-skinning plastic that will weather the elements while staying lightweight and easy to lift.

The Hive is both a factory and a home for honey bees. The monolithic exterior is meant to convey a clean aesthetic that shows that this functions as both architecture and an industrial object. This Hive will stand in contrast to its natural surroundings while complementing a yard with a bit of color and shape.