Lowepro ECHElON Series

The Echelon Series demonstrates the newest and very best materials and features, and champions the capabilities of the Lowepro brand.

The Echelon Brief is a dedicated mobile workstation, able to hold a 15” laptop, external drives, and even a drawing tablet for photographers that need to arrive on-sight and be ready to review, edit and show their work. This brief has the range to be the everyday briefcase that doubles to fulfill on-site studio needs.


The Echelon Attaché is a camera bag built for the on-site photographer that will be working out of the bag rather than shooting while carrying. The Attaché holds a Pro DSLR with 2-3 lenses, 2 speedlights and a 13” laptop. This bag compactly holds all your critical gear and is a place to store and access your key items when you get to your shoot.