expert soft goods design & development

We are a Berkeley-based design studio with a decade of experience taking on research, design and engineering for furniture, home appliances and soft goods. We have been fortunate to build relationships on a local and national stage with companies like Bouvet USA, Lowepro and Loll that entrust us with their design, identity and production support.

OUR studio

We have experience at every level of the soft goods design and development cycles and have created bags, cases and luggage for major American brands. Our critical understanding of soft goods design, cut & sew construction and manufacturing allow us to deliver innovative and market-ready designs.

We work with great brands


About Philip de los Reyes

Philip is a career designer and maker with over a decade of experience bringing products to life from design through to sourcing and production. In addition to designing for top brands, Philip is the Founder & Owner of REMOTE EQUIPMENT, a technical gear brand. When not working on official projects Philip is out testing bag prototypes in the hills or sewing more bag ideas for fun.